Airbnb's effect on rents - a new report from Tenants' Union of NSW

The Tenants’ Union of NSW has today released a report examining the impact of Airbnb on rents in Sydney in advance of the government responding to its inquiry into short term lets.

Airbnb logo on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The key finding is that Airbnb has not had a significant impact on the tenants of Sydney. Even in Airbnb hotspots such as Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and CBD rents do not seem to have risen in response to Airbnb.

The experience in other cities around the world indicates that there are commercial operators who can have a serious effect on tenants but New South Wales has an opportunity to prevent the same thing happening here.

The Tenants’ Union calls on government to protect tenants from the worst of the property market by restricting the commercial use of short term lets, and reforming tenancy law to limit evictions without a good reason.

Government can do this without unfairly limiting tenants ability to access the extra income available where the tenant is simply going away for a weekend to cover their high rents.

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